Tensions rise between Afghanistan and Pakistan

The World

The Indian Minister in Afghanistan said his Ministry had received a warning about attacks and so they put up some special protection features, which included blast barriers which prevented more people from being killed. A spokesman from the Afghan Ministry said this attack might have been conducted from an intelligence network in the region, which usually refers to Pakistan. The spokesman blamed the Pakistani government’s recent agreement with Taliban forces in the border regions for the increase in attacks in Afghanistan. Pakistani officials see the situation differently and Pakistan’s Foreign Minister says it’s too early to say who’s behind the attacks and he cites the fact that Pakistan has also been a victim of terrorist attacks. The shaky relations between the two countries are becoming a problem for the US especially when it comes to US goals in Afghanistan. US officials think the Pakistani government is doing a good deal to contain extremists in the border region, but this US official says Pakistan could still be doing more. US influence in Pakistan has diminished with the new government in Pakistan and they have mixed feelings about the US role in Afghanistan, but both sides want more stability and a more capable Pakistani government.

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