Spain’s defense minister gives birth

The World

It wasn’t that surprising when Prime Minister Zapatero appointed more women than men to his cabinet last month: the recently reelected Spanish Prime Minister had made equality a hallmark of his administration. But many were surprised when Zapatero made a pregnant woman his defense minister. At her swearing in ceremony, the minister did not look overly military and criticism and her appointment came quickly from right-of-center political parties. Others questioned whether the former housing minister would be able to make important morale visits to Spanish troops in hot spots like Bosnia. But she went to Afghanistan for her first official act and there she praised the Spanish men and women in uniform. Then last night she gave birth. The birth came earlier than inspected so Spain’s Interior Minister, who has been busy enough as it is, was scrambling to take control of things. ETA set off two bombs in Spain recently so the Interior Minister is now in charge of both local and international security matters.

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