South African party leader sues cartoonist

The World

Hundreds of fans of South Africa’s leading political cartoonist crowded in for this book signing last week. The cartoonist’s publisher says the new book also contains an infamous cartoon which first appeared in September. It depicts Jacob Zuma, the leader of the ruling ANC, unbuckling his pants to rape a woman named Lady Justice. The woman is being held down by Zuma’s allies. Zuma is not applauding and is now suing the cartoonist over the cartoon. Zuma was charged of raping a woman two years ago but the charges were later dismissed. Zuma said today he’s launched a libel case against the cartoonist. The cartoonist argues that his cartoon is just a metaphor for Zuma’s manipulation of the justice system. Investigations and corruption charges have been looming over Zuma for several years but they’ve never stuck.

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