Pro-Tibet movement in exile

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The World

Our methods are non-violent message bombs, they’re not meant to hurt anyone but they are meant to be in your face. One protest leader says the movement is getting stronger and because of the efforts of young people: we’re globally connected and with the Olympic torch relay, we’re able to respond and organize and people are seeing that.

LS says the movement is truly global: there are organizations in India, the US, in Asia. All the Tibetans in exile are linked to Tibet. Our parents came to India in 1959 and many Tibetans still flee Tibet to come to India, and become refugees. They do this in the peak hours of winter, when there’s the least chance of getting shot at. (How much of the protest is being orchestrated by the Dalai Lama himself?) He’s not issuing any directives, in fact he has specifically said we should not do anything to hut the sentiments of Chinese people. He’s appealing to supporters not to turn to violence. (So what is propelling the protests?) Tibetans are becoming more nationalistic and the Chinese become more repressive.

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