The Oscar ballot briefcase guys reveal all!

The World

When most of us watch the Oscars, our eyes are glued to the movie stars. But if you’re a movie star on Oscars night, it’s more likely that your eyes are glued to two accountants. We refer, of course, to the accountants of Pricewaterhouse Coopers ? those guys with the briefcases who hit the red carpet each year, ballots in tow. From the actor’s perspective, it’s they who hold the key to your acceptance speech, or your stiff upper lip as a loser in front of the cameras.

We talk with both of them ? Rick Rosas, who’s been the Oscar ballot team leader since 2001, and Brad Oltmanns, who’s been co-leader since 2004 ? about their favorite celebrity encounters, security measures, and the truth about handcuffs.

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