Nuclear proliferation at risk

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It’s come out in recent days that Khan’s black market appears to have sold digital blueprints for an advanced miniaturized nuclear warhead, made to fit on a missile. This analyst helped break the story and he says the designs were discovered by Swiss authorities on the computers of two Swiss brothers who along with their father are accused of being weapons dealers and part of the Khan network. Four years ago US intelligence agencies broke up that network. But the analyst says this discovery raises some disturbing questions: how did these Swiss brothers get the designs, and the brothers wouldn’t have them if they didn’t intend to sell them, and whether the designs were sold and if they still exist on other computers? The analyst says it would be a huge setback for proliferation prevention if countries like Iran and North Korea got ahold of such designs. Khan has been speaking with Western news agencies and says these accusations are all lies. There’s also been speculation on whether the Khan network could’ve been brought down sooner, but this analyst says US intelligence didn’t move sooner to try to find out more info about the network. This analyst says these latest discoveries show how extensive that network was. Pakistan’s government has issued a statement saying it wants to ensure the world it is committed to non-proliferation but leading figures in Pakistan want to see Khan released from house arrest.

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