Nuclear warfare

An F/A-18 E launches from the deck during flight training ops aboard the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford Thursday, Oct. 6, 2022, off the Virginia Coast.

Left unresolved: Part II

Critical State

Critical State, a foreign policy newsletter by Inkstick Media, takes a deep dive into the beliefs of citizens of Germany and the Netherlands on the use of US nuclear weapons — especially as informed by partisan belief.

In this file photo taken on Wed. June 24, 2020, Russian RS-24 Yars ballistic missiles roll in Red Square during the Victory Day military parade marking the 75th anniversary of the Nazi defeat in Moscow, Russia.

US and Russia extend key nuclear arms reduction treaty

A white man speaks behind a podium in front of a backdrop of US symbology

Will New START nuclear treaty survive ‘hostile’ US-Russia relations?

A warhead with a dark pointed end is pictured

Why the US has nuclear weapons in Turkey — and may try to put the bombs away

Man holds laptop computer as cyber code is projected on him in an illustration picture.

A cyberattack could wreak destruction comparable to a nuclear weapon

Science & Technology
A sign reads: "It's 2 minutes to midnight"

‘Things That Go Boom:’ Nothing good happens after ‘nuclear midnight’


It’s been a year since the US pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal ad some experts warn that the threat of a worldwide meltdown is the worst its been since the darkest, most dangerous days of the Cold War.

war ships at night

China’s furtive underwater nukes test the Pentagon


An effective fleet of nuclear ballistic missile submarines marks a dramatic boost to China’s nuclear capabilities.

a submarine surfaces with bird flying overhead

Nukes? What nukes? US military’s ‘neither confirm nor deny’ policy complicates activists’ trial


A Cold War-Era “no comment” policy resurfaces in the trial of Catholic activists.

An illustration shows a man with the Japanese flag behind him holding a plutonium disc in his hands

Japan has plutonium, rockets and rivals. Will it ever build a nuke?

Members of Japan’s far-right say the country should build up its defenses.

Kim Jong-un inspects a large metal piece of equipment with others around him.

Expert: ‘Cautiously optimistic’ about possible peace deal with North Korea

US Intelligence officials told senators on Tuesday that North Korea is not disarming it’s nuclear program, despite President Trump’s statements to the contrary. But one expert says the prospects of war is no longer a “serious possibility.”