New U.S. terrorism report

The World

The new report is titled �World at Risk,� and it says the risk is growing. This congressman talks about some of the risks threatening the U.S. the report says Pakistan stands out as the greatest risk because it’s a cauldron of difficult problems and possesses nuclear weapons. The report says it’s likely an attack with a weapon of mass destruction will occur somewhere in the world within the next five years, that is unless the world acts decisively and urgently. This analyst says the five year period isn’t based on mathematics but is meant to express urgency. The report warns that biological weapons pose the greatest risk. The higher probability could also be for more guns, bullets and bombs, like in Mumbai last week. But this analyst says the use of biological weapons shouldn’t be ignored. The report has its critics, such as this Democratic representative who says it’s time to retire the fear card. Indeed, selling the idea of WMDs can be difficult, especially after the lack of WMDs found in Iraq. But this analyst warns against being too difficult and says WMDs should be talked about carefully and without alarmism. His assessment of this new report is that it is not alarmist and says that this kind of attack can be minimized, but it needs to be done urgently and smartly.

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