Bono and Adam Clayton of U2 performing in Mexico City in 2011

Aha moment: Bono and belly dancing


She gave up ballet, but Yillah Natalie discovered her life’s work in U2’s “Mysterious Ways”: belly dancing.

SafeMode at SXSW

The World explores youth activism at SXSW

A student of Khmer descent learns Kinh language (the official Vietnamese language) at the Lac Hoa Primary School in Soc Trang province.

The language apocalypse is coming, and many tongues are already all but dead

Berlin: Nerd Nite #10

Have a story to share? Try Nerd Nite. Be there and be square

Montreal Bixi

Two languages make life confusing in Montreal, but they also make it rich

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The Secret Behind Finland’s Super Smart School Kids? Recess.

Lifestyle & Belief

Finland has one of the most successful public education systems in the world. And Finnish school children, on average, get more than an hour of recess a day. Is playtime the secret to their success?

Experiments With a Tech-Free Summer Camp

Every summer, parents in the nation’s cities and suburbs send their kids off to camp with the hopes that they’ll connect with nature, do some canoeing and hiking, sit around a few campfires and enjoy some time in crowded cabins. But with the rise of the Internet, social media, portable devices and modern video games, […]

Disability rights advocate paints picture of changing Russia

Global Politics

Russia has had a reputation of being unfriendly, or even downright hostile, to people with disabilities. But that’s starting to change. Yulia Simonova, a disability rights advocate, says Russia, at least in cities, is taking steps to be more friendly and welcome to those with disabilities.

Expansive definition for ‘weapon of mass destruction’ gives prosecutors the power

Global Politics

A potato gun is a WMD. At least, the strict, plain-English definition of a weapon of mass destruction would include the old-fashioned potato gun. Through changes over the years, the definition of a WMD has been broadened — and now prosecutors have all the power when it comes to charging people.

Report calls into question short classes used by college athletes to stay eligible

Global Politics

A report from The Chronicle of Higher Education looks at schools around the country that are offering quick classes many athletes use to maintain their academic eligibility. In one course at Western Oklahoma State College, students can take a 3-credit class, in 10 days, where they learn about making computer folders and minimizing and maximizing computer windows.