Lebanese-American held in Dubai

The World

Hamdan’s wife says she and her husband had been questioned by U.S. government agents before, in the years following 9/11. she says agents asked about Hamdan’s business, his political beliefs, and his visits to the Middle East. But until August, they had always been left in peace when several security agents knocked on their door in Dubai and then took Hamdan away. A week later she got a call from her husband and he instructed her to join his extended family in Lebanon. Then in late October Hamdan received more info, but only after hiring a lawyer. this ambassador wrote Hamdan to tell Hamdan’s wife that they didn’t know why he was being held. This lawyer argues the U.S. government is behind the detention and that the FBI’s surveillance of Hamdan became more intense over time. Hamdan’s brother suspects his brother is a suspect because of his background: he’s a devote Muslim, is from Lebanon and came to the U.S. to study aviation engineering and has run a shipping business which sends packages all over the world. The brother has told the FBI that his brother is not a terrorist.The lawyer says it’s time for the government to announce if they have something to charge Hamdan with.

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