Israel relaxes restrictions on Jenin

The World

This man tells me he’s got a surefire way of spotting an Arab-Israeli here in Jenin, he says they spend more because they tend to be better off than West Bank Palestinians. Since 2002, Israelis have been barred from entering Jenin and Jenin was the first city cut off by Israel’s security barrier. That meant West Bank Palestinians lost a huge commercial outlets, and some families were separated. But this week, the Israeli military allowed Arab-Israelis to cross into Jenin for the first time in years. this merchant says he’s starting to see an uptake in business for the first time in years. this man is an Arab-Israeli says he hasn’t seen the Jenin branch of his family in over six years until now. this has been part of a series of civil and economic measures that have been cultivated by American generals, and the Americans have coaxed the Palestinians to appoint officers to help clamp down on crime and terrorist groups. In addition, Middle East Tony Blair has worked with local officials to improve economic infrastructure. As security has improved, Israel has granted more access to Jenin. This Israeli official says this is the right model for advancement. Jenin’s Governor doesn’t appreciate those comments and says Palestinians don’t work as guards for Israel, but he does like that the city is opening up. But he wants Israel to move faster in opening up Jenin. For example to get back home, the Arab-Israeli couple from earlier have to pass through a crowded security check and says it’s humiliating. This Lieutenant Colonel says as demand increases, the situation will improve.

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