India-Pakistan relations after attack

The World

India-Pakistani relations have been improving in recent years. The Pakistani Foreign Minister today denounced the attackers in no uncertain terms. As for the reported Pakistani connections to the attacks, the minister said the Indian government has yet to provide any evidence and he warned his hosts against falling into the normal blame game. But that may be where things are going: two Pakistani navy ships were stopped by Indian authorities and an Indian minister said one of the suspected terrorists in custody is from Pakistan. In the past India has been quick to accuse Pakistan of turning a blind eye to terrorist groups on its soil or even actively supporting them. This analyst says he spoke with Pakistan’s President and he seems to grasp the severity of the situation. He says one positive development is Pakistan plans to send the head of its powerful intelligence agency to India to assist with the investigation in Mumbai and also that India is so far showing some restraint. Washington is sending FBI officials and also plans on shifting into high diplomatic gear. Washington’s big worry is that the attacks in Mumbai could derail the progress that’s taken place between India and Pakistan in recent years, which could very well have been the intention of whoever was behind the attacks.

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