Illegal dinosaur bones

The World

The return of the bones was celebrated as a parade of a head of state. Four tons of crates was unloaded of dinosaur bones and fossils and three rare fossilized dinosaur eggs. All materials had been looted out of the country and had been seized two years ago at a fossil and bone fair in Arizona. This archeologist says there is a thriving trade in stolen bones and artifacts and Buenos Aires is a hub for the illegal trade. Argentina’s geology is rich with fossils and dinosaur bones. The local brokers who deal with collectors loot sites in this part of the country, and also steal to order from Argentina’s museums which have limited security. This museum operator says police and museum officials are easily bribed here as well. The US Ambassador says there are more looted fossils out there as well. And it’s a lucrative market, and a single fossilized egg can fetch up to $100,000. there is an international convention created in 1970 to protect fossils, though many say the convention is widely ignored internationally.

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