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Well we’re staying in Spain for today’s Global Hit. More specifically we’re going to Barcelona – a city with nine letters. Okay, enough of the spelling. Let’s meet a musician who says the city shaped her work.

My name is Natalia Clavier and I’m a singer-songwriter. I was born in Buenos Aires, but when I was 23 I moved to Barcelona. I consider Barcelona as my second hometown.

Barcelona had a big effect on my music. I was living in a multi-cultural neighborhood. People from Pakistan, Argentina, France, the US, Germany, people from all over the world. So, I would hear of course Spanish music like flamenco, but combined and mixed with music from different cultures and countries.

If I have to pick one song to talk about the influence that Barcelona had on my music it would be “No Volvera.”

You can hear a little bit of Catalan rumba, which is a rhythm from Barcelona. It was created by an Argentinean guy and now that I think of it it’s kind of funny. And the way I’m singing is a fusion from Buenos Aires and the Spanish from Barcelona, which is different from the Spanish in Madrid.

The lyrics are funny because it talks about smoking too much. Not tobacco precisely. And that reminds me of Barcelona as well.

I’m not smoking anymore, but as soon as I stopped I started to write songs. Even the song about smoking.

�I just play the bass line and guitar line with my voice. And then I sing the melody on top. And when it’s time to produce the song I just try to add to the song what the song is demanding. It doesn’t matter what the style is. The more I can experiment the more I like it. And it’s more interesting to me.�

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