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Finally, we go to a different part of Africa for today’s Global Hit. Dakar, Senegal is our destination. That’s where a legendary drummer from the Bronx recorded his latest album. Here — we’ll let the man himself tell the story.

My name is Steve Reid and I’m a drummer. I’ve been around for some 40 years.

I first started out with Martha and the Vandellas, Fats Domino, James Brown, Miles Davis.

It’s been a thrill for me because one of the most important things in life is to fulfill your purpose.

And my purpose is to make people happy and feel the love through the rhythms and the music. And the rhythm is what keeps us alive.

1966 that was my first trip to Africa and I stayed for three years. I worked with some great people – Fela Kuti, Guy Warren, and some great high life jazz bands.

And when I came back it seems the US sent me a notice to go into the army and I refused. I was sentenced to jail for 4 years.

I was even playing in jail while I was in jail. There were a lot of good musicians in there. So, I’ve always managed to play no matter what.

Music and politics are two separate things. One is very pure with no blood on it and politics is very impure with a lot of blood on it.

So, it really doesn’t really mix, but I think the music reflects the real will of the people, which is to seek equality and freedom no matter where you’re at.

We recorded our latest CD is Dakar, Senegal. The spelling of it DAXAAR is from the original Sengalese spelling, but it’s pronounced Dakar just like the city is.

There were no second takes on the record. I’m really proud what happened it was like a mixture of the modern African sound and the Bronx-driven-New York thing.

Every generation needs there music. And I think that’s the important thing. Music is medicinal and people should be happy. That’s the goal in life. I just want to tell everyone to stay in the rhythm, that’s what’s happening. Thank you.

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