Global hit: “Calcutta chronicles”

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The World

Now, our Global Hit. It features Indian slide guitarist Debashish Bhattacharya. He’s from Calcutta — and proud of it.

I am a musician and I am a passionate lover of music And I belong to Calcutta the city of art and culture. This is me.

When I grew up the alleys of Calcutta were full of musical culture. You could pass through any alley and you could hear somebody playing tabla or harmonium or tambora. I mean that was a hobby, every afternoon or morning somebody’s doing practice. Almost like a religious practice.

If you see Calcutta look at the positive side of Calcutta. People are happy. People have a spontaneous smile on their face. They go to listen to Indian classical music, jazz, blues, they’re supporting their culture. They’re supporting their children. I wanted to tell all this through my music.

If you have that Calcutta Chronicles album, if you open the middle page, you will see little kids in front of my house holding a cricket bat and all.

They’re greeting each other with a smiling face. They almost broke my windows, but I love them. They great me as a hero and they are my children, they are my next generation. That’s how we’re related in Calcutta.

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