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Something’s blowing in the wind ? in today’s Geo Quiz.

We’re looking for an island off the coast of Ecuador. Here’s a clue:

It’s named after a saint. He’s associated with storms, epilepsy, gardeners, toothache – and most notably – traveling.

It’s one of the Galapagos Islands, part of Ecuador. We’re not giving you any time for this one…

The island we’re looking for is San Cristobal Island – that’s St Christopher in English. San Cristobal Island is home to about 6000 people. Now it’s also home to three tall wind turbines.

wind turbineswind turbines

They’re providing about half the island’s energy needs. Ecuador’s president was on San Cristobal Island yesterday to inspect the turbines.

Ecuador’s goal is to power the Galapagos with 100 percent renewable energy by the year 2015.

Jim Tolan is the engineer in charge of the San Cristobal Wind Project, which is co-funded by the Ecuadorian government and a group of private energy companies.

Mister Tolan says the islanders were a little suspicious of the project at first…

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