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For today’s Geo Quiz — we’re searching for a couple on the run. We’re not the only ones searching for this couple.

Police in New Zealand are also in hot pursuit. Here’s what we know. The couple ran a gas station on the North Island of New Zealand. It’s located in a city of about 60 thousand residents… some 140 miles southeast of Auckland.

This is the region near the Bay of Plenty. The city has plenty to offer tourists:

There are geothermal geysers and hot mud pools to explore — as well as Maori cultural sites. But occasionally, the underground sulfur gases give the city a certain aroma — a little like rotten eggs. Now — back to man and woman on the run — they’ve allegedly made off with a very large sum.

We’ll fill you in on the case of “the 6 million dollar getaway.”

First — try to name the northern New Zealand city where this couple was last spotted.

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