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Today’s Geo Quiz is not a Geo Quiz.

We’re celebrating surrealist painter Rene Magritte and one of his famous canvasses. Magritte’s paintings are witty and puzzling — sometimes naked bodies double as faces, locomotives bursting out of fireplaces or apples burst out of living rooms.

Now — one of our favorite Magrittes is of a simple pipe. The one that’s accompanied by his comment “this is not a pipe”.

Of course it’s not a pipe….. Magritte once said of the painting…”just try to fill it with tobacco.”

Hmm. That’s deep.

A museum named in Magritte’s honor officially opened today in Brussels. King Albert the Second and Queen Paola paid a visit.

The question is where was the Belgian master born?

Here’s a hint: his place of birth is in the French-speaking region of Belgium called Wallonia. The western-most province of Wallonia in fact.

Don’t let our little pipe paradox get in the way of guessing Magritte’s birthplace.

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