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A bronze standing Shiva statue is unpacked at the National Museum of Cambodia in Phnom Penh after being returned to the kingdom in March 2023.

Looted relics returned to Cambodia receive monks’ blessings

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Cambodian artifacts were often looted out of the country beginning in the 1970s, under control of the Khmer Rouge. At least 13 antiquities have been returned this month amid a push in the art world from artists and scholars to return looted works to their countries of origin. 

White-gloved hand holds ancient artifact known as the Gilgamesh Dream Tablet.

Iraq needs to reclaim its cultural past to develop its future, art historian says

A plate of pasta with green sauces

This artist wants you to take a bite out of art history


Evolution of the American Kitchen

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Special Guest: Barbara Stafford

Arts, Culture & Media

Picture Frames

Arts, Culture & Media

Those strips of wood or metal around works of art are doing a lot more than we realize. Produced by Sarah Lilley.

Living Inside the Grid

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Producer Simon Rentner explores how the grid has served artists throughout history.

Kehinde Wiley’s Modern-Day Royalty

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The artist Kehinde Wiley wondered why he never saw people who looked like him in museums. His ground-breaking paintings, which borrow from art history, are changing that.

Walter Martin Makes Rock for Art’s Sake

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When The Walkmen broke up, Walter Martin didn’t stop making music. He decided to go solo with a serious record that’s not serious at all about art history.

Canaries in the Coal Smoke

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An art historian and a biologist discovered a novel way to measure historical air pollution levels: looking soot caught in the feathers of birds from 140 years ago.