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The newest Olympic sport shows up on our radar today. For our Geo Quiz – we’re looking for a ski area in British Colombia.

It’s in West Vancouver. And it’s one of the skiing venues for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Ski Cross events will take place there.

Not familiar with ski cross?

Some say it combines the speed of downhill, the agility of freestyle and the crazy energy of snowboarding.

Or as this young Canadian ski crosser puts it:

“Four people at the same time going down a course with rollers, jumps, and bank turns at breakneck speeds with crashes and passes and the first two that cross the finish line move on to the next round line awesome!”

Wicked awesome.

So — this Canadian ski area is located in the North Shore mountains that tower over Vancouver.

You’ve got a few minutes to come up with the name of the future Olympic ski cross venue.

A new Olympic sport was the focus of our Geo Quiz today.

It’s called “ski cross.”

And it’s a mix of downhill and freestyle — with a bit of snowboarding style thrown in for good measure. Julia Murray is a member of Canada’s national Ski Cross Team.

She’s taking a few minutes in between practice runs to talk with us about the sport.

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