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Today’s Geo Quiz rocks.

The rocks we’re looking for in our quiz today are actually “bluestones.”

One place you can find clusters of craggy bluestones is in the Welsh countryside.

We’re thinking of one particular site in the county of Pembrokeshire.

?It’s in the Preseli Hills, it’s an incredibly atmospheric spot, they’re quite high hills, they’re very exposed, it can get very cold up on the top, and they’re very distinctive, you can see them from many miles back, you can see them out to sea in the English Channel and the Irish Sea.?

This archaeologist believes the massive stones used to build Stonehenge came from this lofty site.

Get out your GPS or your old archeology class notes … whatever you need to come up with the name of this rocky site.

We’ll consult a Stonehenge expert for the answer here…

People have long tried to unravel the mysteries of Stonehenge. The circle of massive stones in England’s Wiltshire county may be one of the world’s most famous prehistoric sites. But there are some questions that still nag archaeologists. Namely, when was it built exactly and why?

Listen to our interview with Timothy Darvill, Professor of Archeology in the School of Conservation Sciences at Bournemouth University. He’s leading the first archaeological excavation at Stonehenge since 1964.

You can follow the Stonehenge dig

Interactive 360° panoramic of Stonehenge

Wainwright and Darvill standing in front of one of the smaller bluestonesWainwright and Darvill standing in front of one of the smaller bluestones

Now for the answer to our quiz:

Some archaeologists believe that bluestone used to construct parts of the Stonehenge monument can be traced to a craggy rock outcrop in the Preseli Hills in the Welsh county of Pembrokeshire. The mountain site is named Carn Menyn.

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