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The World

That’s a down-tempo dance track called “Llama” by the Colombian duo Monareta. Andres Martinez and Camilo Sanabria hail from Bogota, and now split their time between the Colombian capital and Brooklyn. That two-city axis seems to keep Monareta’s sounds fresh and connected to what’s happening in both places.

Martinez and Sanabria are former bicycle motocross riders. In fact, they named their band Monareta after a popular BMX two-wheeler. That also explains why they’ve turned bicycle helmets into part of the band’s look. The helmets have BMX wheels spinning on the top like beenie pinwheels. OK, not terribly cool. But nerdy does have a cool side.

We leave you today with a single from Monareta’s new CD “Picotero.”
It’s called Matanza Funk. By the way, we’ve got a video you can see of the Monareta lads with their crazy helmets:

Have a great weekend.

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