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Hunting polar bears is big business in a Canadian territory we’re looking for in today’s Geo Quiz.

Polar bearPolar bear

The US bans sport hunting of polar bears, so many hunters head to the Canadian Arctic.

They pump more than $1-and-a-half million dollars into the economies of a handful of remote villages that organize polar bear hunts.

But earlier this year, the US Interior Department listed the polar bear as threatened under the Endangered Species Act.

That makes it illegal for American hunters to bring home trophy bear hides.

Officials from the Canada territory in question say it’s enough to wipe out the villagers livelihood.

So name this Canadian territory whose politicians are in Washington…to plead their case to the Interior Department’s Fish and Wildlife Service.

The fate of the hunters and the hunted may be uncertain,

But the answer is NOT…

Now — about that Canadian territory we asked you about in our Geo Quiz today.

It’s lobbying Washington this week to allow U.S. hunters to continue to kill polar bears for sport.

The answer is the Northwest Territories.

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