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Russian doping control center

Russian athletes won big in Sochi and a new TV documentary says doping may be the reason

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More than five dozen Russian athletes are currently suspended from competition for using performance-enhancing drugs — and that may be the tip of the iceberg. Meanwhile in Canada, bear attacks may be on the rise due to climate change. And Americans are questioning the grand jury system that they inherited from England, in today’s Global Scan.

A polar bear walks along the shore of Hudson Bay, Canada.

Trick or treat? Not in a northern Canadian town where it’s polar bear season


Is Bigfoot a big myth? A new study testing hair DNA finds no proof

A polar bear checks out the Tundra Buggy

Now you can zoom in on polar bears using Google Street View


In one particular part of Beijing, stray cats are more than welcome

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Iran and US agree, but on what exactly we’re not sure

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The news over the weekend was of an agreement between leaders of six world powers and Iran over that country’s nuclear program — but what the agreement really says isn’t really, well, agreed. Still, there was no shortage of strong feelings about the deal. Plus, a Canadian town has developed a system for dealing with polar bear visits to town. That and more, in today’s Global Scan.

Buffalo zoo about to take polar bear cub population from one to two


A New York zoo is hand-rearing a polar bear cub born to one of its adult bears. But now, the zoo is being asked to take in another cub, an orphan, from Alaska, in hopes that the two will grow up healthier if they do so together.

Researchers suggest supplemental feeding as a potential solution to save polar bears


The rapidly melting sea ice in the Arctic is threatening the livelihood of polar bears and their prey. In response, a group of researchers is suggesting a program of supplemental feeding as a potential solution.

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Swimming Polar Bear

An encounter with a polar bear swimming among ice floes impresses writer Mark Seth Lender and leaves him with a deep respect for the massive arctic carnivore.

Endangered Species Gain More Protection

CITES, the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species recently met in Bangkok, Thailand. Several species of sharks received unprecedented protection but the international community declined to give more protection for the polar bear.