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We’re heading to Kenya for today’s Geo Quiz. A Kenyan province that lies between Uganda and Lake Turkana is on our radar today.

That lake is famous for attracting huge flocks of pink flamingos. South of the lake is the capital of this province: the town of Nakuru.

The province saw more than its share of violence following Kenya’s disputed presidential elections last year.

Now a “back to work” campaign is under way targeting this province’s small-scale farmers:

“They have one asset which is their little plot of land very often half an acre or acre, and one basic skill, farming, the best business that they can get into is actually irrigated farming where they move from waiting for the rain to irrigation and high value crops.”

We’ll tell you more about an initiative to use simple irrigation tools to grow more food.

First “Take 5” to name this province that lies northeast of Nairobi…

For our Geo Quiz, we’re looking for a Kenyan province between Uganda and Lake Turkana, where a “back to work” campaign is underway targeting this province’s small scale farmers.

Martin Fisher is founder of the non-profit Kickstart that markets low cost irrigation tools, including the MoneyMaker pump, to end poverty. The program is targeting farmers in Kenya’s Rift Valley Province, the answer to our Geo Quiz.

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