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Gotta grab a broom and a garbage pail for today’s Geo Quiz. Today’s Geo Quiz is about one Baltic nation’s effort to clean up after itself.


Thousands of volunteers turned out this past weekend to rid this country of its trash. The volunteers scoured the entire nation, which, fortunately for them, isn’t all that big.

In fact, it’s considerably smaller than Maryland. Here are a couple of more hints. The people are close to the Finns — not just geographically — but linguistically and culturally as well.

The capital city is Tallinn.

And the country regained its independence in 1991.

Today’s Geo Quiz sent us in search of a Baltic state. Its neighbors are Latvia and Russia.

Much of its terrain is flat, boggy, wooded, and, until a couple of days ago, covered with no small amount of trash.
But the country just got a makeover, thanks to Google maps, Global Positioning technology, and a lot of volunteers.

The answer is Estonia.

From the capital, Tallinn, Cyrus Farivar sent us this report on Estonia’s first national clean-up.

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