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The first clue for today’s Geo Quiz is gigantic. We’re looking for a place in south-east England — where a huge new landmark monument is being planned.

The landmark will be a statue of a white horse — 33 times the size of the real thing. The statue will grace a hillside, right next to a major highway that leads to London.

Local authorities wanted a big monument for travelers to see as they drive to the British capital.

From a number of entries — they chose the giant horse, four hooves on the ground, looking rather tame.

Not everyone likes the idea. An insurance company asked British drivers what they thought of it. Half of them said the giant horse will be a major distraction for highway users.

So, what do YOU think?

Where is the future home of what some are calling England’s “Angel of the South”?

We’ll let you in on the plan… in just a few minutes.

We wanted to know where in southeast England are authorities planning to build a giant statue of a white horse?

The answer is Ebbsfleet — which is in the county of Kent.


Lots of people will drive past the giant white horse on their way to London. By the way, Ebbsfleet is also the location of a major international railway station.

It’s used by those high-speed trains that connect London to mainland Europe via the Channel Tunnel.

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