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That prompted The World’s Patrick Cox to ask Canadian spelling expert Joe Clark about spelling differences north and south of the border. Cox speaks to anchor Lisa Mullins about what he found out.

George W. Bush has kept a low profile since he left the White House in January. But tomorrow, he’ll bust out. The former President is set to give a speech in Canada. The city? Well, that’s what we’re looking for in today’s Geo Quiz.

The city sits in the foothills of Alberta’s Rocky Mountains.

It has a reputation for being politically conservative. And that might be why former President Bush has chosen to deliver his speech there.

The local Chamber of Commerce is organizing the event. Here’s another hint. This city hosts an annual rodeo that you may have heard of. The so-called “Stampede” is a celebration of the Old West.

But first we answer today’s Geo Quiz.

We were looking for the Canadian city that’s set to host a visit and speech by former President George W. Bush tomorrow.

The answer is Calgary in Alberta.

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