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We leave the South Atlantic and head to warmer waters to the north for today’s Geo Quiz.

We’re looking for a Caribbean nation that’s part of the Leeward Islands. It takes its name from two of those islands.

The capital is called Saint John’s. And as a former British colony, the ceremonial head of state is Queen Elizabeth the second. But this Caribbean nation is independent.

And today voters there went to the polls to elect a new parliament. One issue on voters’ minds is the economy.

No surprise there.

But in this case — the local economy is suffering from the fallout from an alleged 8 billion dollar fraud scheme. That scheme involved Texas financier Allen Stanford.

He was once one of the country’s most prominent employers.

We’ll tell you more in a minute — when we reveal the name of this Caribbean island nation…

All eyes were on Bernie Madoff today — as the disgraced financier pleaded guilty to fraud charges in New York.
Bernie MadoffBernie Madoff
But the fallout from a different fraud scheme is weighing on the minds of voters in the Caribbean nation we asked you about in today’s Geo Quiz.

That island nation is Antigua and Barbuda.

And the fraud scheme is the one allegedly run by Texas billionaire Allen Stanford.

The BBC Caribbean Service’s Mike Jarvis is Antigua.

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