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For today’s Geo Quiz — we’re going to introduce you to a Canadian filmmaker. Rob Spence plans to make a documentary about his hometown in Ontario.

Actually it’s a city, the fifth largest in North America, with a population of about 2.5 million. It’s located in a region called the Golden Horseshoe as it wraps around Lake Ontario.

But it’s the way that Rob Spence plans to film his hometown that’s captured our attention. He’ll use a camera that’s implanted in his prosthetic eye:

“The camera that I put into my bionic eye will move around the same way that my normal eye moves around, so glancing to the side, blinking, sometimes looking at inappropriate things, these are things you have to think about when your eye becomes a camera.”

So smile, look straight into his eye, and name the city sometimes called Canada’s global city.

Let’s face it. We spend a lot of our life on candid camera. We’re photographed by closed circuit cameras in stores, at traffic intersections, in the fast lane, and even by strangers with cell phones in hand.

But Canadian filmmaker Rob Spence is set to take this to another level. He about to have a tiny video camera and transmitter implanted in his prosthetic eye. He says “That eye .. will record the world from a perspective that’s never been seen before.” One place that’s sure to show up in his forthcoming films will be his hometown, Toronto, Ontario, the answer to our Geo Quiz.

Listen to our interview about the Eye Borg Project:

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