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For today’s Geo Quiz set sail for an island in the middle of the western Atlantic.

It’s 635 miles east-south-east of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina… the nearest point of land.

Actually this island is a cluster of more than 130 islands… but it’s the name of the main island that we’re after.

Here’s another clue:

There was a shipwreck off this island way back in 1609.
And 400 years later, that disaster is re-enacted every time there’s a performance of William Shakespeare’s play, The Tempest.

We’ll tell you about the drama that unfolded 400 years ago… and we’ll reveal the name of our island.

British journalist Simon Winchester has written best-selling books about history and culture and geography.

He’s now working on a new book — he calls it a biography of the Atlantic Ocean — and he’s been sending us dispatches from his travels.

Today, he sends us an audio postcard from an island that inspired Shakespeare.

And it’s the answer to today’s Geo Quiz. Listen for the answer here:

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