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Take a stroll in Shanghai for today’s Geo Quiz. New York’s got Times Square. Venice has The Grand Canal…and Shanghai has the street we’re looking for.

You hardly need to ask for directions to get there.

It’s the most famous street and walkway in Shanghai.

It’s in the city’s bustling Huangpu District — and it runs a mile along the western bank of the Huangpu River.

Huangpu District: District:

The area’s usually jammed with street vendors, tourists, and young people just hanging out.

There are some impressive buildings along the riverbanks.

They include the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank building — Shanghai’s Customs House — the Russian consulate — and the world-famous Peace Hotel.

So — can you name this thoroughfare that lies north of the old, walled city of Shanghai?

The answer — and an audio postcard from Shanghai — are here…

We wanted to know the name of the most famous street in Shanghai.

It’s the Bund.

The Bund in Shanghai, China: Bund in Shanghai, China:

And it runs thru Shanghai’s bustling Huangpu District.

Canadian travel writer Andrew Princz was there and sent us this audio postcard:

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