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We’re taking a walk on the beach for today’s Geo Quiz.

The beach we have in mind is in a county at the southwest tip of England. The coastline there is known for its impressive rocky cliffs and moors. But there are sandy beaches, too.

Isles of ScillyIsles of Scilly

They’re exposed to steady winds that blow in from the Atlantic. That may explain why driftwood and all kinds of other stuff regularly washes up on these shores. We’ll tell you about a suspicious package that washed up recently that British police are investigating.

It may have floated all the way across the Atlantic, past the Isles of Scilly and up onto a local beach. More about that suspicious parcel in a few minutes. First, try and name the county that sits at England’s south-western tip.

We were looking for the name of the county at the southwest tip of England.

The answer is Cornwall.

Wildlife photographer Marijke de Boer, was there recently — surveying a stretch of sandy beach.

?I was actually conducting some observations with my binoculars to the see hoping to see a dolphin or a porpoise swim by.?

De Boer and her partner Jim Saulino were also checking to see if any dolphins or porpoises had washed up on the beach. They sometimes do — tangled up in fishing gear. De Boer says Saulino was further down the beach when he spotted something unusual.

Wildlife photographer Marijke de Boer, is a regular visitor to the beaches of Cornwall, in England — the answer to our Geo Quiz today.

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