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Put your boots on for today’s Geo Quiz. Venice is known as a city of canals.

But yesterday tourists in this Italian city were forced to slosh around in high boots as high tides and wind combined to create the worst flooding in 20 years.


We’re looking for the name of the city’s landmark “piazza” or square. It’s famous for its cafes, pigeons and view of the Grand Canal.

This square is also the lowest point in the city… so when the Adriatic Sea surges into the canals, this “piazza” is the first to flood.

Franco Debernardi/Getty ImagesFranco Debernardi/Getty Images

(Italian) Paolo Canestrelli, Chief of the Centre for Tidal Waves forecasts: “Yesterday we had in Venice the fourth record in the history, 156 centimeters at 10.45, a very strong event, extraordinary. It flooded _________ with at least 70 or 80 centimetres.”

An official said Venice suffered the fourth worst flooding in its history. So we want you to name Venice’s famous and now very wet “piazza.”

We’ll check-in with a local shopkeeper for the answer…

Rubber boots come in handy in Venice today. Two days of flooding have made life miserable in Italy’s city of canals.

City officials say the water was thigh-high in some areas — the highest level in 20 years. So for our Geo Quiz – we wanted to know the name of the city’s landmark piazza. It’s one of the lowest points in the city.

Franco Debernardi/Getty ImagesFranco Debernardi/Getty Images

Roberto Caruti runs a gourmet food and wine shop called “I Tre Mercanti” – the three merchants.

The answer is Saint Mark’s Square/Piazza San Marco in Venice Italy.


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