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We’re going to the polls for today’s Geo Quiz. At long last, voters cast their ballots this week.

Helen ClarkHelen Clark

The top issue is the economy. Both parties have been trying to win votes from the political center. One candidate has the edge in experience.

But the relative newcomer has the edge in the polls.

Here’s another hint.

The answer to today’s Geo Quiz is NOT the United States. The election in the country we’re looking for is this Saturday. It pits the Labour Party of Prime Minister Helen Clark against challenger John Key’s National Party.

John KeyJohn Key

�Both the two main parties Labour and National have been vying for votes in the center, but there’s a feeling of it’s a time for change just as I detect that feeling here, whichever way people want to vote they feel its time for change.�

We’ll tell you the name of the OTHER country where the voters want change…

Here’s the answer to the Geo Quiz.

The other country that’s holding national elections this week is New Zealand.

Saturday’s vote pits the incumbent Labour Party against the center-right National Party.

The National Party seems to be leading at this point.

The campaign there has NOT drowned out interest in the American election.

In fact, Radio New Zealand’s Jeff Robinson is in Washington to cover the U.S. presidential vote for the folks back home.

“There’s the undeniable fact that the US is the sole superpower left in the world and whoever leads the US is an important figure for every citizen in the world, in fact I’ve heard people in NZ say hey you know really we ought to be casting a vote for who’s President of the US as well because that’s important.”

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