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Today’s Geo Quiz is about wine from Chile.

The South American nation has many wine-growing regions. Most are in the middle and southern parts of the country.

But today we’re looking for a region in Chile’s northern half. It’s in a valley that runs from the foothills of the Andes east to the Pacific Ocean.

One variety of syrah wine from this region is sold under the name “Palin”. Its spelled P-A-L-I-N — just like Governor Sarah Palin’s last name.

Palin wine labelPalin wine label

That’s affected sales in the U.S.

But where in Chile does the wine come from?

A wine named Syrah Palin featured in our Geo Quiz today. Actually — the name is spelled like Gov Sarah Palin’s last name — P-A-L-I-N. But it’s from Chile so it’s pronounced “pah-LEEN.”

Sergio Reyes is the Managing Director of Geo Wines, which produces the Palin brand wines.

Where is the Syrah Palin made?

The answer to the Geo Quiz is Limari Valley in northern Chile.

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