Gay marriage in Romania

The World

It wasn’t too long ago that homosexuality was illegal here, a law which was changed to join the EU in 2001. Now an ultra-conservative political party is seeking to change the definition of a union in Romania to that between a man and a woman; right now it’s codified as only based on marriage between spouses. This politician supporting the measure says Romania is 99% Christian and a very traditional place. She says the laws in any country are made for the majority. This is a Bucharest gay bar. The owner agrees this is a conservative society which is why the law doesn’t need changing. He contends the new code reflects an anger of homosexuality. He says gay people want legal rights and benefits and they’re manipulating people’s fears. There is a lot of fear of homosexuality being broadcast from Romanian TV and radio these days. This is a song by Romania’s most famous hip-hop group. The song is a crude rant against gay people filled with obscenities. One group staying out of the debate is Romania’s Orthodox Church which contends that they don’t want to make life difficult for the sinner. This Church official says he believes this is a civil project and not a religious one.

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