Arrest of online influencer Andrew Tate puts Romania’s webcam industry in the spotlight

Webcam studio owners say the business is legal. Anti-sex-trafficking groups say the Andrew Tate case tells a different story.

woman and man near loom

Romania’s traditional blouse industry under threat by mass production of fake replicas

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Ukrainian refugees create their own school in Romania

The downturn in  Ionuț Spiță’s profits was driven by the glut of cheaper Ukrainian grain and oilseeds, intended for Africa and the Middle East that flooded the Central and Eastern European markets. 

‘Trade is trade and war is war’: Romanian farmers say helping Ukraine is hurting their bottom line

The Ukrainian Classical Ballet company holds up the Ukrainian flag onstage during curtain call while the Ukrainian national anthem plays as part of a performance in Bucharest, Ukraine.

Ukrainian ballet dancers displaced by war find a home on international stages

Olga Sviridenko (left), who is deaf, signs with her family at a shelter in Romania. 

Navigating war without sound: Ukraine’s deaf refugees


Romania’s local deaf community in Botoșani has welcomed at least 200 deaf people from Ukraine since the war began. They are focused on getting people to safety and ensuring that up-to-date information is available for sign language speakers.

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In southern Romania, villagers are uneasy about a NATO missile defense system in its backyard


In efforts to justify his war in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin will often raise the specter of NATO missile defense systems in eastern Europe. The Pentagon claims that the facilities can only fire missile interceptors. Landing at the center of this debate is the Romanian town of Deveselu, home to one of just two missile defense systems in Europe.

The refugees from Ukraine to Romania's southern border are mainly women, children and elderly people. Men, ages 18 to 60, can’t leave Ukraine if they’re eligible for the draft.

Ukrainians fleeing war are welcomed at Romania’s southern border


In the Ukrainian city of Odessa, fears of an attack there have led thousands to flee across the border.

In the town of Suceava, Romania, the Mandachi Hotel and Spa, a four-star hotel converted its ballroom into a temporary shelter, serving food and other supplies to Ukrainian refugees.

‘We have compassion for them’: Romania is taking in thousands of Ukrainian refugees


Though Poland has taken in the bulk of refugees, two of Europe’s poorest nations — Romania and Moldova — have accepted more than 160,000 people so far. 

A family arrive at the border crossing in Medyka, Poland, Wednesday, March 2, 2022, after fleeing from the Ukraine. 

There’s a double-standard when it comes to media coverage on refugees, analyst says

While several European countries have welcomed Ukrainian refugees, the reception and treatment of refugees trying to reach Europe from the Middle East and Africa is quite different. H.A. Hellyer, a scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, says implicit bias creates this double standard.