Foreign reporters at the RNC

The World

Here at the Foreign Press Center, journalists sit staring at their computers and have not much to say. This Italian journalist says time is running out on their deadlines. What’s a good foreign reporter to do? The overseas journalists are still buzzing about the story over Palin’s pregnant daughter now. The story may be a gripping one that will sell headlines, but is it worth two days’ worth of news for journalists sent across the world to cover the convention? Isn’t there something else? This Mexican journalist was able just to sigh. But he says he eventually found something about Cuba and Russia and the rise of the Cold War again in the Republican platform. This Russian reporter says the crisis in Georgia remains a strong issue with his readership. There are no Russian guests present at this convention, but many Georgian visitors, however. This Nigerian reporter doesn’t expect anything to be discussed concerning Africa, nor does this Spanish reporter expect anything about Spain to be covered.

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