Continuing Beijing’s traffic restrictions?

The World

I’m standing on a pedestrian bridge over a main thoroughfare and it’s rush hour and traffic is moving. This is unusual, traffic is normally bumper to bumper and you’re lucky to go a mile in half an hour. But over the last month there have been special restrictions on traffic. The result is everyone moves more quickly and there’s less pollution and many people have been happy. This businessman says his bus trip to work takes 20 minutes instead of an hour. Beijing is notorious for its unhealthy air quality. No wonder Beijingers are welcoming a break from all of this. Two-thirds of Beijingers said they’d like to see these traffic restrictions become permanent, according to a recent poll. 20% were against the idea, and that’s about the number of people who own cars here. the government has given no sign that it’d move in that direction, but it’s still an intriguing idea.

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