Workers packing ice-skating shoes at a manufacturing factory in the ice and snow sports equipment industry park in Zhangjiakou, in northwestern China's Hebei province, Thursday, July 15, 2021. 

Empty shelves for the holidays? Chinese suppliers face ambiguous global supply chain amid pandemic restrictions

Every year around this time, factories in China are finishing up orders and sending them across the world to arrive in time for the holiday shopping season. But this year, they may run out of time.

The front of an electric bus is shown with green, blue and white stripes.

China dominates the electric bus market, but the US is getting on board

A man holds a sign reading "Uber=Illega" over a woman's head

Protesters in Argentina say Uber is ‘illegal’ — but a bigger problem is unemployment

A bird walks inside a commuter underground tube train

Why Luxembourg’s free transit may not fix its traffic problem

A woman rides on the back of a motorbike, part of the GrabBike ride-hailing service, on a busy street in central Jakarta, Indonesia

People with disabilities bear the brunt of turf wars between conventional and online taxis

a crowded street in kampala, uganda

Ugandan traffic safety campaign uses social media to shame unsafe drivers


A new traffic safety campaign in Uganda’s capital aims to shame drivers into following traffic laws. And some drivers have changed their behavior.


In Venezuela, public buses give way to private ‘dog carts’

The “dog carts,” as they are informally known in Caracas, tend to squeeze standing passengers, mostly poor Venezuelans, into the backs of the large vehicles.

Charging stations for electric cars have begun to increase in number in the US and several other countries.

Lower-priced electric cars give more people options for greener modes of transportation


High cost and a limited range have been discouraging factors for people interested in purchasing an electric vehicle. But that’s changing quickly.

VIDEO: Airplane from U.S. makes belly landing in Poland after landing gear fails

A Boeing 767 from Newark, N.J., to Warsaw, Poland, had to make a crash landing Tuesday when its landing gear would not deploy. No one was injured.

New EPA legislation will require that school buses shut down their engines after 5 minutes of idling. Some newer buses automatically turn off after a few minutes of idling.

School bus pollution is dangerous, and efforts to control it are still uneven


Exhaust from diesel fuel contains thousands of chemicals and more than 40 toxic air contaminants. That’s especially dangerous for children who ride diesel-fueled school buses and wait in line among their fumes. But while efforts to cut down pollution are working, more enforcement is still needed.