Afghanistan struggles to move on

The World

The UN and Afghan government are trying to start a dialogue in the country about the atrocities committed in the 80s and 90s. Many in this audience had a lot to say and felt they could not put the past behind them because the same warlords who were involved in the brutalities of the past are still walking free, many of them are in the Afghan Parliament. Last year Parliament tried to pass an amnesty law for crimes committed during the Civil War. This human rights official in the country says the warlords will go on stealing, raping, and killing if they’re not punished, just as they did during the wars, and that’s destroying lives. this man’s adopted daughter was beaten and raped by the son of a warlord who’s also a member of parliament, so it’s been tough bringing justice against the perpetrator. This lawyer says he has 22 legal claims against various MPs. But even without an amnesty law, no Afghan MP can be arrested without a vote in Parliament and so far no vote has been passed. Many believe the warlords still have too much power. This warlord denied all accusations against him or his son. The father of the victimized daughter says there is no justice in the country.

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