How Libya Reclaims its Forgotten Past

The World
For the Geo Quiz, we're searching for a modern Libyan city …with an ancient past. This city is located right along the coast of the Mediterranean in the northwest corner of Libya. Less than a year and half ago this city was engulfed by Libya's civil war. It was a bloody but relatively recent chapter in its long history. This 2,000 year old Roman city was an once an important trading post on the Mediterranean. The ruins of Roman temples and theaters in this city are some of the best preserved from the ancient world. The answer is Sabratha. Journalist Robert Draper traveled to Libya for National Geographic. He writes in the February issue of the magazine that "for decades Libyans lived under a dictator who twisted their past. Now they must imagine their future". He tells The World about some of those Libyans he met including a female Muslim surgeon in Benghazi, and a police chief in Misrata. Both he says face daunting challenges:
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