Geo answer/Global hit

The World
Finally today, Nigeria's biggest city is a good place to be if you're into music. The World's Marco Werman is there to visit some of the city's famous music venues. Which means he's perfectly placed to give us the answer to our Geo Quiz today. ---------------------------------------------- You are listening to a concert at the famous New Afrika Shrine in the large subcity of Ikeja in Lagos, Nigeria. I actually went back to the shrine on Saturday night for a concert by Fela's youngest son, Seun, performing with his father's band, the Egypt 80. We can hear what that sounds like if you want, this is an excerpt of a song that Seun wrote called Na Oil. Listen to the intro, and you'll hear the political content and how Seun doesn't fall far at all from the tree that was his father. Basically, Seun's song is bemoaning how oil production in Nigeria benefits few of the millions of people here...corruption is rampant. Things his father used to sing about, although the oil issues have become more acute. The shrine not very crowded, the audience is even falling asleep. Most of the music is either r&b, hip hop or religious, evangelical themed stuff and it's hard to imagine why the millions of poor in Lagos don't want an advocate singing out on their behalf.