'Capitol News Connection: Issues of Campaign 2008'

Capitol News Connection

It’s one of the most important elections in a generation. The stakes are high: An economy heading into recession, an unpopular war in Iraq, and many other major challenges -- global warming, access to affordable healthcare, public education, illegal immigration.

Change is in the air, and voters are more engaged now than they’ve been in decades. "Capitol News Connection" gets beyond the horse race, and between the lines of the campaign trail rhetoric.

As both parties begin now to coalesce around front runners Barack Obama and John McCain, what are the choices, and how will the issues hit home?

What do voters want from the next President? What issues will decide how people vote? What do people think Congress should do?

"Capitol News Connection" Bureau Chief Melinda Wittstock talks to Senators and Representatives from both parties, and asks them questions submitted by voters via phone, email and web.

On the show are:

- Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey, a Democrat

- Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, an Independent

- Representative Brian Bilbray from San Diego, a Republican

- Representative Michael McCaul of Austin, TX, a Republican

- Representative Henry Cuellar of South Texas, a Democrat

- Congressman Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, a Democrat

Created by Bureau Chief and Executive Producer Melinda Wittstock, "Capitol News Connection" provides insightful, localized coverage of participating stations' congressional delegations.

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