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A composite of eight photos of young Latino voters.

We followed eight young Latino first-time voters all year. Here’s how they view the 2020 election.

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Back in January, The World began a yearlong reporting series on young Latino voters. The COVID-19 pandemic upended their lives — along with their political priorities. 

A young person with glasses and wearing a floral shirt poses under a tree outside

This undecided Latinx voter wanted police and prison reform on the ballot

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Biden and Harris wear masks, clasp hands, and Harris points at Biden, smiling with her eyes.

Biden-Harris ticket highlights historic stance on climate and environmental justice

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Michelle Aguilar Ramirez stands for a portrait on Monday, May 18, 2020, in South Seattle, Wash.

This Latina first-time voter ‘can’t stay mute’ about racism

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Leticia Arcila, a 20-year-old voter in Atlanta, Georgia, said health care is her top priority in a presidential candidate.

In Georgia, a young Latina reluctantly casts her primary vote for Biden

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Jacob Cuenca, 18, is a registered Republican with misgivings about voting for US President Donald Trump in November.

Trump’s pandemic response has this conservative Latino teen voter considering Biden

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Jacob Cuenca, an 18-year-old registered Republican, planned to cast his first-ever vote for President Donald Trump in this November’s election. But the president’s missteps during the coronavirus pandemic are driving Cuenca to consider former Vice President Joe Biden instead.

Joe Biden y Bernie Sanders speak at a debate.

¿Podrá Biden lograr que los latinos voten? Los defensores de la migración no están seguros.

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Encuestas recientes sugieren que los votantes latinos no están seguros de que Biden sea la persona adecuada para ser presidente.

Delia Ramirez, a restaurant worker, hangs aprons to dry at her home in the Bella-B Mobile Home Park, where owner Yacov Sinai decreased rents to help residents in difficult economic situations due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Young Latino voters in Seattle view November election through lens of pandemic

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Blacks and Latinos are more likely than whites to be considered “essential workers” and to be diagnosed with COVID-19 — and to die of the disease. Those experiences are shaping how people from those groups will vote in the November presidential election.

Graduates of The City College of New York sit in their seats at their commencement ceremony in Manhattan on May 31, 2019.

Biden, Sanders have free college plans. They might learn from other countries.


The US can learn from free tuition policies implemented in other countries, particularly in Europe. Still, free tuition alone won’t close the inequality gap in higher education.

Dem. US presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks at the Politics and Eggs event at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College in Manchester.

Why some Florida Latinos question Sanders’ democratic socialism

Across the nation, Latino voters have tended to favor Democratic candidate Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. That’s not always the case in Florida, where the Latino community is very diverse and tends to lean more conservative.