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a student stands with her arms crossed in front of a domed building on MIT's campus

On campus, Jewish and Muslim students fear for their safety


A new report finds Jewish and Muslim students “fear personal danger” related to their positions on the war.

A young woman on a laptop screen

Colleges brace for steep drop in international enrollment this fall

Man walks as cameras follow him.

US researchers on edge as foreign funding comes under increased scrutiny

Global Nation Education
Employment authorization forms

International students hoping for work training visas face long delays, denials

A woman holds up a picture of her father on a cellphone.

Uighur restaurant owner speaks out: ‘I should fight for my father’


Dalit Americans make a pilgrimage to Ambedkar Avenue, named for civil rights hero

Caste in America

There’s a short stretch of road in the “Little India” section of Jersey City bearing a name unfamiliar to most Americans.  But for some Indian Americans, Ambedkar Avenue is almost a pilgrimage spot, for it commemorates their greatest hero — and one with an American connection at that.

Students walking on the UCLA campus.

As decision nears in Harvard affirmative action case, another legal fight brews in California

In the next few months, a decision is expected in a case involving Harvard University and alleged discrimination against Asian American student applicants. But the University of California system is also facing a similar lawsuit — with allegations that administrators are considering race in admissions even though California bans the practice. A scandal is also raising larger questions about merit in college admissions and who has unfair advantage.

A woman looks to the side.

Caste discrimination exists on college campuses. Some schools are trying to change that.

Caste in America

Brandeis University has moved to ban caste-based discrimination in its own campus policy. Other universities may be following suit.

An man sits at a desk with a book and looks at the camera

The US isn’t safe from the trauma of caste bias

Caste in America

Many Dalits say the kind of caste-based discrimination and violence that erupts in India also exist in the US.

An Indian woman in a sari and glasses and an Indian man in a suit and glasses sit for a portrait.

Love conquers caste for this couple, but Indian marriage traditions continue in US

Caste in America

The writer’s parents defied Hindu conventions by marrying in India outside their caste, but decades later, members of her father’s upper caste promote sticking with tradition in America.