Sam Eaton

A muddy river runs through a green landscape. On one side are trees and a dense forest; the other is bare.

‘Our wealth is the forest’: Indigenous tribes are the last best hope for the Amazon

Indigenous people are engaged in a fierce battle to defend the Amazon forest from illegal logging, and it’s working. Deforestation in indigenous territories is much lower than in other areas. But those efforts are fraught with danger.

A dry brown patch of land is dotted with trees

A ‘Third Way’ to save the Amazon: make the standing forest itself more valuable

Fields growing soybeans for the global market have replaced dense rainforest along the Brazilian Amazon’s 'arc of deforestation.'

For illegal loggers in the Brazilian Amazon, ‘there is no fear of being punished’

Two trees are covered in instruments strapped to their bases

The Amazon used to be a hedge against climate change. Those days may be over.

Tanzania has figured out a way to make charcoal and save trees at the same time

Women on the street

These Indian women said they could protect their local forests better than the men in their village. The men agreed.


Empowered by a law giving them claim to their forests, village women are patrolling to keep poachers out.

At the tip of Sagar Island where it meets the Bay of Bengal battered earthen dikes no longer keep the sea at bay.

Climate change-linked ‘everyday disasters’ are displacing the world’s poorest people


We tend to think of climate change these days in terms of big disasters like storms and droughts. But in many coastal regions, the impact is less dramatic but no less devastating. Sam Eaton reports on the slow drowning of communities in a crowded, low-lying part of India called the Sundarbans.

Ninety five percent of urban Tanzanians use charcoal for cooking fuel, and the trade supports more than a million jobs. But charcoal production is taking a massive toll on the country's forests. After a failed attempt to ban the trade the country is now t

Tanzania is trying to turn the charcoal trade from an enemy to a friend of the forest


The illegal charcoal trade is a big contributor to deforestation in countries like Tanzania. After trying and failing once to curb the business, the country is now trying a new approach. The World’s Sam Eaton has the story.


After the floods come the human traffickers, but these girls are fighting back


India’s low-lying Sundarbans are rife with human trafficking as the effects of climate change leave families poor and vulnerable. But a new program from Save the Children India is helping kids band together to ward off traffickers, while also getting them to stay in school. Even if it means they also learn to roll cigarettes to support their families.

Fourteen year-old Nuru Sheha studies at night in the light of solar-powered LED lights at home in the village of Matemwe, on the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar. He family's first electrical system was installed by one of Zanzibar's 13 "solar mamas," illiter

Zanzibar’s ‘Solar Mamas’ flip the switch on rural homes, gender roles


On the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar, hundreds of households too poor and remote to have access to the electrical grid are getting low cost solar power for the first time, from a group of local female engineers trained by and Indian NGO. It’s the first of several “solar mamas” projects planned for parts of rural Africa, and it’s turning some traditional gender roles on their head.