Michael Fox

Michael Fox is a Latin America-based audio producer and media maker.

Floodwaters in southern Brazil remain a threat​​


Large parts of Rio Grande do Sul in southern Brazil are still waterlogged three weeks after heavy rains flooded the state. Local and federal governments have promised to rebuild homes and businesses. But people are still digging out and, as Michael Fox reports, more rain is in the forecast.

Heavy flooding in Brazil’s south creates havoc for residents

payment screen with options for credit, debit and Pix

Brazil’s innovative Pix banking system is replacing cash and credit cards

Arts, Culture & Media
A convoy of Brazilian army troops, tanks and other vehicles pauses on the way to Rio de Janeiro, on April 1, 1964, after conspirators in the country's military high command overthrew the government and forced Brazilian President João Goulart to flee. 

Brazil remembers the 1964 coup and victims of the dictatorship 

Polyethylene bags are used to protect bananas from pests and blight on a plantation in Costa Rica.

The shadow of the United Fruit Company still reaches across the globe today

Bernardo Arévalo ran on an anti-corruption campaign to become president.

‘We want to eradicate corruption’: Guatemala’s new president makes promises that stir hope — and impatience


Guatemala’s new president, Bernardo Arévalo, took office in January with a promise of battling corruption. This week, he introduced his anti-corruption team that’s going to lead the charge. But it is not an easy road ahead. The expectations are high and there are many challenges.

Vendors sell images of President Nayib Bukele during El Salvador's election campaign.

Nayib Bukele’s popularity steers him toward an unprecedented second term as president of El Salvador


In El Salvador, the official results of Sunday’s presidential elections are still not in, but that didn’t stop President Nayib Bukele from declaring victory on social media — and he looks slated to win. He was up for reelection, in a country that doesn’t allow reelection in its constitution. Bukele is extraordinarily popular. But many say the future is concerning.

A colorful mural with words in Spanish that read "Never forget, never forgive."

Panamanians remember 1989 US invasion and continue to demand justice and accountability

Conflict & Justice

Dec. 20 is a national day of mourning in Panama in memory of the victims of the 1989 US invasion of the country. At the time, it was the largest invasion since Vietnam and the first after the fall of the Berlin Wall. In the US, it was heralded as liberating the country from dictator Manuel Noriega, a former US ally. But in Panama, many saw it as something much different. The victims of the US action are still demanding justice.

Quilombo Machado community, one of 11 quilombo communities in Porte Allegro, Brazil, 2017. 

‘Existing and resisting’: Black quilombo communities fight for land, rights in Brazil

Human rights

Monday is Black Consciousness Day in Brazil. It falls on day of death of Zumbi dos Palmares, the leader of Palmares Quilombo, a community of runaway slaves and their descendants, in 1695. There are still thousands of quilombos across Brazil, and many continue to fight for their land and their rights.

People marching in street with a Panamanian flag

Copper mine protests roil in Panama


The government approved a new contract with the mine late last week. Since then, protests have rippled across Panama, and people are afraid they could bring the country to a standstill.